About the Summit

Bringing the brightest minds in legaltech together.

The TLTF Summit is unlike any other conference. Join us for conversations around how technology will transform the world of law.

Technology is revolutionizing the legal industry -- completely upending how lawyers work and what they need to know to be successful.  This revolution is exhilarating yet ruthless as startups compete to be the next legal industry unicorn.  Experienced entrepreneurs are pushing the frontiers of how legal work gets done and causing long-time industry participants to reevaluate their entire business models.  The TLTF Summit is the first-of-its-kind industry forum to bring together the entrepreneurs, thought leaders, technology experts, and investors in legal technology to pool our collective thinking and ideate the future reality of the profession.

This is a unique room full of leaders coming from the startup, legaltech, law firm, corporate, academic, and nonprofit sectors. The summit will be three days of non-stop networking, learning, and creative thinking.

TLTF Summit


Dec. 7-9, 2022


EAST Hotel

788 Brickell Plaza

Miami, FL 33131

About the Host

The LegalTech Fund is a venture capital fund investing in companies that transform the world of law.