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2022 Startup Showcase Presenters

Last year's presenters represented a wide array of incredible innovations in legal technology. 

Who will we get to hear from in 2023?

Applications open May 1, click here to join the list for more information!

Amplifi utilises Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess how intelligible written information is. We help clients to simplify complex information to make it easier to understand and engage with. 


Clara demystifies the complex legal processes involved in setting up, growing and exiting a startup, through our innovative platform.


Transforming the way startups fundraise. Still in stealth


Fairmint helps founders tokenize their equity, allowing their community to invest time or money in exchange for ownership.


Hello Divorce is the only complete tech-enabled divorce process available. We use a combination of software and expert help and can handle almost every divorce.

HelloDivorce-Logo-250 (1).png

LeanLaw offers legal billing software programs that accommodate support for accounting, timekeeping, invoicing, and more for various sized law firms.


NLMatics is an enterprise Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform designed for decision makers to transform vast quantities of unstructured text into insightful analytics.


Proof is an app that instantly connects experienced process servers directly with Law Firms and Governmental Agencies that need legal documents served


Sigma is the singular source of risk intelligence for screening and data monitoring to power and automate entire due diligence, regulatory compliance, and client lifecycle oversight processes.


Syntheia automatically turns your contracts into data, and delivers that data where you need it, when you need it.


Version Story makes it easy to compare, track, and merge documents.


Build automated versions of your documents using our intuitive, automated-document builder and make drafting documents as rapid as answering a questionnaire.


Run your opponent's filings through Clearbrief in Word to highlight in red where your opponent is lying about what the evidence says.


ECFX Notice automates the processing of electronic court filing (ECF) notices—saving your firm hundreds of hours a week to focus on the work your clients value.


Formally is a platform for legal collaboration. We leverage intelligent technology with behavioral science to create a whole new category of legal tech.


Henchman enables legal professionals to draft and negotiate complex and bespoke contracts faster, in Microsoft Word, by automatically retrieving previously written clauses from their contract repository.


Create a legacy with LifeLegacy. Wills, life insurance, and more to support the people and causes you care about most – all in one place.


Paladin's mission is to increase access to justice by helping legal teams run more efficient pro bono programs


The legal tool for modern businesses their lawyers. Automate, collaborate, sign & stay organized.

Rally Legal.png

Steno offers exceptional court reporting services combined with best-in-class technology and deferred payment options.


TermScout's hybrid approach combines AI and contract experts to answer hundreds of substantive questions in contracts with over 99% accuracy. 


The BreachRx platform streamlines incident response and management so your team can cut the chaos and get ahead of breaches.


Cognizer's Genius Platform converts repositories of email, documents and messages into a AI enabled Fact Graph.


Estateably is a web-based platform that empowers trust and estate professionals to digitize their practices through automation and enhanced compliance.


The premier online platform for affordable, fast, and comprehensive prenuptial agreements.


Kaveat is a software platform that helps influencers, models, and creators understand and negotiate their contracts. 


NEXL helps law firms generate more revenue through our CRM and Revenue Operations Cloud Platform.


Pixsy is an online platform for creatives and image owners to discover where and how their images are being used online.


SettleIndex enables lawyers to model, visualize and evaluate risk in financial disputes, track case performance and collect data to inform strategy


StructureFlow helps leading organizations around the world mitigate risk and optimize efficiency through intelligent visual modeling.


TurnSignl  connects drivers to lawyers over video chat in real-time during traffic stops and car accidents. 

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