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2023 Scale Stage Companies

See the next generation of expansion and growth stage company leaders tell their story and discuss their vision of the future of legaltech.

DataGrail is the Privacy Control Center modern brands rely on to build customer trust and outsmart business risk. Backed by 2,000+ pre-built integrations, DataGrail automates privacy workflows and supports compliance with regulations like GDPR and CPRA. DataGrail services millions of consumers through companies like Salesforce, Amazon, Overstock, Instacart, and New Balance, and is a G2 leader.


LinkSquares adds automation and insights to every step of your contract lifecycle. Write better legal agreements, close deals faster, and understand every aspect of every contract. Use LinkSquares for centralized documentation, visibility into your portfolio, and automation to reduce manual work.


Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform connects to Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Confluence, Dropbox, Zoom and many others, to enhance activities like eDiscovery, information governance, knowledge management, and identifying private and sensitive data sharing.


SeedLegals is the UK market standard for companies raising investment, incentivising teams with share options, applying for SEIS/EIS, and managing their cap table. With 1 in 6 early-stage funding rounds closed on SeedLegals, and more cap tables and EMI option schemes set up and managed on SeedLegals than on any other platform in the UK.


Lawmatics is revolutionizing the client-attorney relationship with the best of cutting-edge technology. We automate client intake and elevate the client experience. Our CRM and automation platform cuts down the to-do list standing between lawyers and successful relationships with their clients.


Luminance is the world's most advanced technology for legal process automation and document review. Luminance's AI reads and forms a conceptual understanding of legal documents in any language. From this understanding, Luminance can help with a vast range of tasks.


Pattern Data's software platform uses the industry's smartest AI to rapidly analyze case records.  Pattern helps companies and law firms scale their teams, improve accuracy, and save time.

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Steno offers court reporting and other litigation support services on a deferred-payment, non-recourse basis. It aims to improve the litigation process—offering dependable court reporting with undeniable innovation and exceptional customer service. 


LawVu’s Legal Workspace is the software solution revolutionizing legal operations. It’s the first truly connected platform for matter, contract, and spend management for in-house legal teams. In-house lawyers using LawVu gain true visibility over all their legal work, improve productivity, showcase legal’s value to the wider business, and most importantly, create better business outcomes.

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Off The Record leverages the power of mobile and web technology to make fighting your ticket as easy as ordering take-out. Users provide us with a photo of their ticket and answer a few simple questions, and our platform intelligently matches them with best local traffic lawyer for their case. Once a case is resolved, the user is notified of the outcome and advised of any further action.

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Priori is the global legal marketplace for in-house teams. We use data and technology to rapidly connect legal departments from 1 to 1000+ with the right outside counsel for projects globally, saving them time and money. Our platform facilitates finding vetted boutique firms for projects requiring niche expertise, local counsel, cost-control, overflow or temporary support.


Trust & Will is an online service providing legal forms and information that makes creating estate planning easy, fast, and secure. All of our documents have been designed and approved by estate planning attorneys to meet the highest legal standards. Our process is simple, secure, complete, and customized for your specific needs and state requirements. 

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